BMW Mulls Four Different Engine Options for the Next M3 Including a V6

It’s already being speculated that the next-generation BMW M3 will return to a six-cylinder engine due to increased emissions regulations and the fact that the next M5 is ditching its V10 for a twin-turbo V8.

The current M3 is powered by a 4.0L V8 with 414 horsepower, but it’s being reported that BMW is currently testing four different engine options for the next M3.

1. S65 V8 Biturbo Engine: This is the engine that is currently being used, but BMW may rework it to give it more power and make it more fuel efficient by adding a bi-turbo.

2. Modified N54 Engine: This engine is currently being used by the 1 Series M Coupe and would be modified for use in the M3, but would it have enough power?

3. Modified S63 Engine: This is the same 4.4L V8 engine that is going under the hood of the 2012 M5. It’s also used by the X5 M and X6 M. This engine could fit under the hood of the next M3.

4. V6 Based on the S63: This engine is supposedly being favored by BMW. It’s essentially a smaller version of the S63 V8 turbo (two less cylinders) and will be turbocharged. It could also be used for M versions of the Z4 and X3. The problem with this engine is that it might upset BMW fans that love BMW’s inline-six cylinder engines.

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