BMW M-Zero Concept Unveiled…BMW M6 Meets Aston Martin DB9

Mael Oberkamph a photographer and photo rendering artist has created what he calls the BMW M-Zero Concept (not officially created by BMW).

According to Oberkamph the concept draws its inspiration from the BMW M6 and Aston Martin DB9. He feels that if the car were an actual production car it would be an Audi R8 competitor.

What do you think? Does this design work or is the combination of Aston Martin and BMW design cues too much?

bmw_m_zero_concept_2.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept_3.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept_4.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept_5.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept_6.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept_7.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept_8.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept_9.jpg bmw_m_zero_concept.jpg

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