The 2019 BMW i3 now has a longer driving range, which means that you can travel up to 153 miles on a single charge. BMW hasn’t announced the updated range for the i3 Range Extender, but now we’ve learned that the option will not be available in Europe.

2019 BMW i3

BMW officially confirmed its plans to cancel the i3 REX in Europe, “The Range Extender i3 will cease production and we will only sell the pure-electric version going forward. With the gains in pure-electric range, together with the increasing availability of rapid charging facilities we believe the customer demand is shifting to an pure-electric model.”

While BMW has canceled the Range Extender i3 in Europe, it’s keeping it alive in the US for buyers that need a longer driving range than the fully electric version offers. BMW says that it’s waiting for the official EPA results before it announces the range for the updated 2019 i3 REX.

Source: Autocar