BMW is Looking at Smaller Engines for its M Lineup

BMW just upgraded the new M3 to a V8 powertrain, but now the automaker is looking at replacing the engine in the future with a more fuel efficient twin turbo inline 6-cylinder engine.

Norbert Reithofer recently told Auto Motor und Sport that BMW is considering smaller engines with less cylinders for its “M” lineup. If you think back to the first M3 it actually offered a 4-cylinder, but today the current M3 has a V8 engine and the M5 and M6 models use a V10 engine with 500 horsepower.

Reithofer also stated that across the board all BMW’s will start to feature smaller engines with twin turbo technology to improve performance. Pretty much everyone is figuring out ways to produce smaller engines with the same power as their larger predecessors thanks to our insane gas prices.

M3 Convertible:
2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_1.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_2.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_4.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_5.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_6.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_7.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_8.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_9.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_10.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_11.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_12.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_13.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_14.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_15.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_16.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_17.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_18.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_19.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_20.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_21.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_22.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_23.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_24.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_25.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_26.jpg

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