BMW is Considering 4-cylinder Powered 1-Series and 3-Series Models in the US

BMW is going to slow production of its slower selling V8 engines in favor of more fuel efficient engines, but now the automaker is close to a decision concerning offering 4-cylinder engines in the 1 and 3-Series models in the US.

In addition to the decreased V8 production BMW is also going to phase out 6-cylinder production at its Munich plant in favor of 4-cylinders. BMW plans on producing 240,000 4-cyl engines a year at the plant.

A 4-cylinder in the 1-Series could give the model the boost it needs in the US since the 1-series has failed to take off due to the fact that it is priced to close to the larger 3-Series. As more consumers begin to demand 4-cylinder engines it makes sense that BMW once again offer a 4-cylinder in the 3-Series as well. The 120i and 320i sell well in Europe and BMW’s project director Oliver Friedmann believes the 4-cylinders will do well here as well.

BMW has no plans to offer 4-cylinder diesels in the US.

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