BMW exec says small MINI Minor unlikely

There have been off and on again reports about a new smaller MINI, but now a BMW exec has downplayed the rumors.


There have been off and on again rumors about the possibility of MINI adding a new smaller model to its lineup. Ever since MINI revealed the Rocketman concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, there have been reports that MINI could introduce a smaller model called the Minor.
This year the rumors got even stronger when it was reported that the MINI Minor would be built with help from Toyota, but now a BMW exec is downplaying the model that would be smaller than the current Cooper Hardtop. MINI’s top executive, Peter Schwarzenbauer told Automotive News, “I don’t see a smaller car than the current one.”


MINI Superleggera Vision concept approved for production?

Schwarzenbauer also stated that he thinks a production version of the Superleggera concept would make a “great addition to the MINI range.” He also revealed that MINI is working on an electric car.

Source: Automotive News