BMW Confirms the X1 for the US in 2011

After all the photo leaks yesterday, BMW has officially released more photos of the X1 and released a brief press release which states that the X1 will be offered in the US, sometime in 2011.

The X1 will debut this fall in Europe with a choice of either three diesel engines or a gas engine. It will also be available in either rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive configurations.

BMW hasn’t officially announced which configurations the US will receive in 2011.

2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_10.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_9.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_8.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_7.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_6.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_5.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_4.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_3.jpg 2011_bmw_x1_official_photo_2.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_2.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_3.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_4.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_5.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_6.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_7.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_8.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_10.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_11.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_12.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_13.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_14.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_15.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_16.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_17.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_18.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_19.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_20.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_21.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_22.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_23.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_24.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_25.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_26.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos_27.jpg 2010_bmw_x1_official_photos.jpg

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Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey – July 1, 2009 … It was confirmed today that the BMW X1 is planned to debut in the United States in calendar year 2011. The X1 has been conceived with the flexibility to offer traditional rear-wheel drive and xDrive all-wheel drive configurations, as well as a wide variety of gasoline and diesel powertrain choices. In light of rapidly evolving US market demands, fuel prices, and regulatory standards, elements of the X1’s US launch plan, including engine and drivetrain configurations, will be forthcoming closer to the time of launch.

The BMW X1 will debut in Europe this fall with a choice of four engines – one gasoline and three diesels – and will be available in rear-wheel drive and xDrive all-wheel drive configurations. The X1 will set new benchmarks in the premium compact segment for efficiency, comfort, utility, and of course driving dynamics. Achieving up to 5.2 L/100km (45.2 miles per US gallon) on the European test cycle, the BMW Advanced Diesel-powered X1 sDrive18d will provide remarkable fuel efficiency while still achieving a top speed of 200km/h (124mph). Each drivetrain choice for the X1 will showcase the latest results of BMW’s EfficientDynamics engineering strategy, which is focused to reduce emissions and consumption while enhancing the performance expected of any BMW.