BMW Confirms the Return of 4-Cylinder Engines for the U.S.

Currently BMW does not offer a four-cylinder powered car in the US, while it does in the rest of the world. Well that will soon change with the 3-Series once again being offered with a four banger in the US by 2012.

BMW’s U.S. chief Jim O’Donnell revealed in Frankfurt this week that BMW is planning on releasing new 4-cylinder engines in the US that will feature twin-turbocharging technology. BMW’s goal is to release the four-cylinder powered 3-Series by spring of 2012.

The addition of 4-cylinder engines to BMW’s lineup is part of the company’s goal to meet the new fuel economy standards in the US between now and 2016. Under the new guidelines automakers have to improve the fuel-economy of their entire fleet by 5 percent annually before the national standard of 35.5 mpg takes effect in 2016.

BMW is also considering offering a 4-cylinder in the X1, X3 and 1-Series.