BMW Admits that the 5 Series GT Should Have Launched with a Six-Cyl

The BMW 5-Series GT has been on the market a few months, but sales have failed to take off or at least to a level that BMW had hoped. BMW executives are now admitting that they may have launched with the wrong model mix. At launch the 5-Series GT was only available with rear-wheel-drive and a V8 engine (550GT).

“The V-8 was probably not the right car to launch it with,” said Rich Brekus, BMW’s general manager of sales for North America.

Jim O’Donnell, BMW’s North American boss, recently stated that BMW was “too ambitious with the 550 GT.”

An all-wheel-drive model is going to launch next month and a six-cylinder in the fall.

Since its launch BMW has sold 1,143 units.

Full Story: AutoWeek

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