Times have changed, in the past immense amounts of power under the hood and stunning looks were all that an automaker needed to have a winner. Now it’s all about the technology with cars now becoming rolling computers. With the growing number of features, the ultimate challenge for an evolving Automotive-HMI (Human Machine Interface) industry is the creation of cockpit interfaces that are engaging, functional, and easy to use.

Finding a solution for this mounting problem has gained traction, as new functions and instruments directly accessible by the driver continue to grow steadily. With that growth, concerns about driver distraction have risen; along with demand for innovative solutions that incorporate a connected car with semi-autonomous driving and information technology.

Car companies are starting to think more and more like electronics and high tech companies. Automotive HMI design has become the ultimate tool for brand differentiation for all automotive segments. The arrival of the connected car and the development of automated driving are the main drivers!

This August at Automotive IQ’s 5th International Conference, Automotive Cockpit HMI USA solution providers are invited to standout and demonstrate how they can address and overcome industry challenges before an audience of OEMs, direct suppliers, and Tier 1s like: Nissan, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler Automobile, Harman, and more! The focus is to have qualified solutions onsite to bridge the gap between an [insufficient] supply and [overwhelming] demand.

Some of the challenges include: Autonomous Driving, UX/User Experience, Driver Distraction, Connectivity Solutions, Natural Language Communication, and Brain Computer Interfaces.

To get involved you can email Steven.Zapata@Automotive-IQ.com and download the event details here.