We were sad to see the Audi R8 hit the end of the road at the end of 2023, but here’s some good news about Audi’s supercar. Due to increased demand, Audi has decided to extend production a little longer.

2023 Audi R8 GT

An Audi spokesperson confirmed to Motor1 that production of the R8 has been extended until the end of March.

“It is true, the last Audi R8 will leave the production line at the end of the first quarter of 2024,” the spokesperson told the outlet. “This marks the end of the production of an iconic sports car at the Audi Böllinger Höfe site in Neckarsulm. The all-electric Audi e-tron GT will continue to be built at the Böllinger Höfe.”

Sales of the R8 doubled in 2023 with 631 units sold, which was a 101 percent increased compared to the year prior.