Audi May Build the Cross Cabriolet Quattro Concept if There is Demand

Back in 2007 Audi unveiled the Cross Cabriolet Quattro Concept at the LA Auto Show. The concept combined the drop top fun of a convertible with the body of a small crossover. It was basically a preview of the Q5, but Audi never announced any production plans for the concept, but it could happen.

According to Audi’s USA boss, “if there is enough demand, about 5,000 units per year, then the Q5 Cabrio limited edition production can go.” Colder European countries would likely not have much demand for a Q5 Cabriolet, but fair-weather countries like the U.S. would probably have more demand.

2007_audi_cross_cabriolet_concept_2.jpg 2007_audi_cross_cabriolet_concept_3.jpg 2007_audi_cross_cabriolet_concept_4.jpg 2007_audi_cross_cabriolet_concept_5.jpg

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