Audi Cancels R4 and Delays A2

It had been rumored for years that Audi was planning on releasing a smaller sports car dubbed the R4, which would essentially be a smaller version of the R8 supercar. The R4 was expected to also draw inspiration from the e-tron concept. There were also similar models planned for the VW and Audi brands, but now it looks like Audi has canceled plans for the R4.

It looks like the main reason for killing the R4 is because it was seen as being too similar to the Porsche Boxster and would also cannibalize sales of the Audi TT. VW has also canceled plans for the VW variant, the VW Bluesport. vw_bluesport_concept_16_new.jpg

It also looks like Audi is delaying the launch of the new A2, due to delays in developing its platform.

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