Audi and Toyota Considering New Small (Very Small) Cars for the US

Toyota and Audi recently showed off their iQ and A1 small cars at the Paris Motor Show last week. Originally both automakers had not planned on introducing either car to the US market, but as everyone is now witnessing…small cars are in.

Audi’s worldwide sales and marketing boss, Peter Schwarzenbauer recently stated, ” A year ago, I would have said no. I did not see any trend in the US which showed me that small cars could have a lasting, sustainable chance. I think this has changed. Therefore we definitely have to reconsider the A1.” The hybrid A1 concept is powered by a 1.4L four-cylinder mated to an electric motor.

Toyota is also considering bring its Smart competitor, the iQ to the US. At 117.5 inches long its a few inches longer than the Smart ForTwo. A Toyota source has confirmed that the vehicle is being considered for the US, but no final decision has been made.

Audi A1 Sportback Concept:
audia1sportbackconcept2.jpg audia1sportbackconcept3.jpg audia1sportbackconcept4.jpg audia1sportbackconcept5.jpg audia1sportbackconcept6.jpg audia1sportbackconcept7.jpg audia1sportbackconcept8.jpg audia1sportbackconcept9.jpg audia1sportbackconcept10.jpg audia1sportbackconcept11.jpg audia1sportbackconcept12.jpg audia1sportbackconcept13.jpg

Toyota iQ:
toyota_iq_production.jpg toyota_iq_production_2.jpg toyota_iq_production_3.jpg toyota_iq_production_4.jpg toyota_iq_production_5.jpg toyota_iq_production_6.jpg toyota_iq_production_7.jpg toyota_iq_production_8.jpg toyota_iq_production_9.jpg toyota_iq_production_10.jpg toyota_iq_production_11.jpg toyota_iq_production_13.jpg toyota_iq_production_15.jpg toyota_iq_production_14.jpg

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