All New York City Cabs Will be Hybrids by 2012…Finally!

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced plans to have all taxis in NYC powered by hybrid powertrains. There are currently 13,000 taxis running up and down the streets of NYC. The first step is to increase the current 400 hybrid taxis to 1,000 by October 2008. In addition by October 2008 all taxis in NYC must get 25mpg and by 2009 they must get 30mpg.

The current Crown Victoria, a taxi favorite, gets 15mpg. In contrast the Ford Escape hybrid gets 34mpg. The initial cost that taxi drivers are going to have to pay for the new vehicles should be offset by the gas that they will save. Since the gas engines are not on while idling, the savings should be significant.

No one has discussed the pollution benefits that will come from the switch as well.

Lets hope other cities do the same thing.

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