All-New 2008 Mazda6 Photos Unveiled…It Looks So Much Better than the New Accord!

The all-new Mazda6 is set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show that is right around the corner. Thanks to a leak we now get to see all the photos before the official unveiling.

All I can say is…Wow! The new Mazda6 looks far better than the new Accord and the current Camry and Altima sedans. If Mazda can keep the pricing in check the new 6 is going to be great competition for the current top selling mid-size sedans.

The new 6 will have optional Xenon headlights, LED treatments, Heated Seats and an Engine Starter Button.

The models pictured in the photos below are European Spec versions. Sadly the US is not going to get this version of the Mazda6 because it isn’t big enough for American tastes. (LAME!) Lets hope that whatever Mazda has planned for the US looks close to this car. We probably will not see the US spec version until either the LA Auto Show this November or the Detroit Auto Show in January. Also the US is not going to get the wagon version of the 6.

Lastly expect the US spec version of the Mazda6 to go on sale early next year as a 2009 model.

mazda6001.jpg mazda6003.jpg mazda6005.jpg mazda6006.jpg mazda6022.jpg mazda6023.jpg mazda6024.jpg mazda6026.jpg mazda6027.jpg mazda6028.jpg mazda6030.jpg mazda6031.jpg mazda6032.jpg mazda6101.jpg mazda6102.jpg mazda6103.jpg mazda6106.jpg mazda6107.jpg mazda6108.jpg mazda6109.jpg

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