Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Confirmed with 230 HP

Alfa Romeo officially released the MiTo last week and now 4Car is confirming the launch of the high-performance MiTo GTA.

Currently the most powerful engine that you can get in the small car is a turbocharged 1.7L with 153 horsepower. According to 4Car the GTA version will feature a 1750cc turbocharged engine with 230 horsepower. The engine will also use direct-injection and variable-valve timing.

alfa_romeo_mito_red.jpg alfa_romeo_mito_red2.jpg alfa_romeo_mito_red3.jpg alfa_romeo_mito_red4.jpg alfa_romeo_mito_red5.jpg alfa_romeo_mito_red6.jpg alfa_romeo_mito_red7.jpg

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