Acura Finally Commits to Putting a V8 in the RL

Acura has scoffed at the idea of adding a V8 to its lineup for years, but it looks like things are finally changing.

Honda’s CEO Takeo Fukui has confirmed that Honda is finally going to launch its first V8 engine for the Acura brand. Although gas prices have killed vehicles that don’t get great gas mileage, luxury buyers still demand it. Acura’s sales are down 15.3 percent so far this year, so Acura needs something to bring in new buyers.

“I don’t think that the Acura RL 3.7-liter is sufficient. We can’t compete with other premium brands,” said Fukui.

According to Acura dealers, the RL is going to offer a V8 option within 18 months. It is also expected that the V8 will eventually be offered in an SUV as well, possibly the next-gen MDX.

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