600 HP Aston Martin Vantage RS is Headed for Production

Aston Martin unveiled the Vantage RS Concept at the end of last year. At the time the automaker said the car was only a concept, but we know how that goes.

According to a recent interiew with Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez, the car is going to enter production sometime next year after a convertible version of the DBS. The Vantage RS Concept is powered by the same 6.0L V12 engine as the DBS, but with some enhancements to squeeze out a bit more power. According to Aston martin the car reaches 0-62mph in 4.0 seconds and 100mph in 8.5 seconds.

The DBS is going to start at $265,000 in the US and the Vantage RS will start even higher when it is released.

Aston Martin Vantage RS Concept:
v12_vantage.jpg v12_vantage2.jpg v12_vantage4.jpg v12_vantage5.jpg v12_vantage6.jpg v12_vantage8.jpg v12_vantage10.jpg v12_vantage11.jpg v12_vantage3.jpg v12_vantage7.jpg v12_vantage9.jpg v12_vantage12.jpg

Aston Martin DBS:
asonmartindbsoff_001.jpg asonmartindbsoff_002.jpg asonmartindbsoff_004.jpg asonmartindbsoff_006.jpg asonmartindbsoff_007.jpg asonmartindbsoff_008.jpg asonmartindbsoff_011.jpg asonmartindbsoff_013.jpg asonmartindbsoff_015.jpg asonmartindbsoff_021.jpg asonmartindbsoff_022.jpg asonmartindbsoff_023.jpg asonmartindbsoff_024.jpg asonmartindbsoff_025.jpg asonmartindbsoff_026.jpg asonmartindbsoff_028.jpg asonmartindbsoff_032.jpg asonmartindbsoff_033.jpg asonmartindbsoff_036.jpg

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