BMW took the wraps off the 2022 i4 a few months ago and now today it’s released more photos and details about the new EV. When it arrives in the first quarter of 2022, it will be offered in two versions, the i4 eDrive40 and the i4 M50.

2022 BMW i4 M50

Both versions are powered by a 81.5 kWh battery pack. The base eDrive40 has a single rear electric motor that’s mated to a single speed transmission. The eDrive40 has 335 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque. If you want more power, the M50 has two electric motors, which effectively gives it all-wheel drive. The front motor has 255 hp, while the rear motor has 308 hp, which together they generate a combined 536 hp and 586 lb-ft. A Sport Boost function can add an additional 67 hp and 48 lb-ft. for up to 10 seconds.

The eDrive40 can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.7 seconds, while the M50 reaches that speed in 3.9 seconds.

2022 BMW i4

BMW says that the i4 eDrive40 will be able to travel up to 300 miles on a charge, while the i4 M50 has a 245 mile range. Charging with a DC fast charger will add 90 miles of range in 10 minutes, while a Level 2 charger can fully recharge the i4 in 8 hours. Once on the road, drivers can also select three different levels of regenerative braking, including one setting that allows for one-pedal driving.

In addition to the extra power, the M50 also gets M Sport brakes, lighter wheels, an additional brace between the two strut towers and unique anti-roll bars. It also stands out from the eDrive40 with its special front bumper, a rear spoiler and Cerium Grey trim on the grille, mirror caps and rear bumper.

The 2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 starts at $56,395 and the M50 starts at $66,895, including the destination charge. Luckily BMW EVs are still eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, plus the additional state-level incentives.