As car buyers continue to shift to more green options, the future of V8 powered muscle cars doesn’t seem too bright, which is why Ford is already looking at new options for the iconic Mustang. Last year Ford confirmed that it’s working on a new Mustang Hybrid and now Ford has reaffirmed those plans, with a 2020 release for the new “green” Mustang.

2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special

The Ford Mustang recently nabbed the title of world’s the best selling sports coupe, for the third year in a row, so obviously Ford is looking at ways to keep it on top. In an interview with Corey Holter, the Ford Group Marketing manager who oversees the Mustang told The Detroit Bureau the “Mustang will continue to evolve and strike the right balance between heritage and being contemporary and fitting into today’s society.”

Ford already moved the Mustang in a greener direction with the introduction of the turbocharged four-cylinder and in 2020 Ford hopes to make the Mustang even more appealing with the new Mustang Hybrid. Details are scarce, but we do know that the Mustang Hybrid will not be a Prius rival and instead will offer “V-8 levels of power and even more torque.”

Ford also hopes that the Mustang Hybrid will also make the Mustang more appealing in other counties, like China and Europe.

Source: The Detroit Bureau