The Honda Insight was one of the first hybrid models to be introduced, but after two generations, the Insight failed to get the traction it needed to fight against the Toyota Prius. Well, the Insight is back for a third round with the debut of the 2019 Honda Insight and this time it’s quite a different hybrid.

2019 Honda Insight

For its first two generations the Honda Insight wore slightly dorky clothes with its hatchback layout. The second generation’s shape was so close to the Prius, that it just looked like Honda just dialed it in – not very exciting or ground breaking. Well now Honda may finally have the right hybrid with the debut of the 2019 Insight, which for starters is now a stylish sedan, that could have easily been called the Civic Hybrid.

2019 Honda Insight

Positioned between the new Accord and the Civic, the Insight will be a sedan only hybrid that borrows styling cues from the rest of Honda’s sedan lineup. The 2019 Insight is far sportier and more interesting to look at than the last generation. Its exterior is now sleeker with a low and wide stance, while its face is similar to the larger Accord’s.

2019 Honda Insight Prototype, 2019 Honda Insight, 2019 Insight

Honda isn’t ready to release all the specs, but the 2019 Insight will have a combined rating over 50 mpg when it arrives later this year. The Insight Hybrid is now powered by the third generation of Honda’s two-motor hybrid system that pairs a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine to an electric propulsion motor and lithium-ion battery pack. In most conditions, Insight operates on electric power only, drawing energy from the engine or battery pack.

Inside there will be room for five passengers and the battery has now been re-positioned under the rear seat, so there won’t be any large penalties to the cargo space. There’s also a 60/40 split rear seat.

Source: Honda