Hyundai has introduced the third version of the Hyundai Ioniq family, the 2018 Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid, which is perfect if you aren’t quite ready to make the jump to the fully electric Ioniq Electric. With an electric driving range over 29 miles, the Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid has a longer driving range than the Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid, but comes up short compared to the pricier Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid’s 47 mile range.

2018 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

The 2018 Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is powered by a 1.6L four-cylinder engine with 104 horsepower and 109 lb.-ft. of torque that’s mated to a 60 horsepower electric motor and a six-speed double-clutch transmission. The electric motor gets its power from a 8.9 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. The 2018 Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is rated at 119 MPGe in EV mode and 52 MPG in hybrid mode.

The 2018 Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is priced at $24,950.

Hyundai has also announced some changes for the rest of the 2018 Ioniq lineup, which now has available paddle shifters on the hybrid model, while the Ioniq Electric has been simplified into two trims: Electric and Limited. A Lane Keep Assist function has been added to the Lane Departure Warning system and a new red exterior color is available for Ioniq Hybrid models.

Source: Hyundai