It’s been 25 years since Acura introduced the original NSX and now Acura is finally getting ready to release an all-new NSX for 2017. Acura unveiled the new NSX earlier this year in Detroit, but at the time Acura did not release the specs for the hybrid supercar.


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The 2017 NSX is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 that generates 500 horsepower and 406 lb-ft. of torque. A rear assist electric motor sits behind the V6 and adds another 47 horsepower and 109 lb-ft. of torque. At the front there are two additional 36 horsepower electric motors. The hybrid system generates a total 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft. of torque. According to Acura the NSX reaches 60 mph in three seconds and has a top speed of 191 mph. lLastly the NSX weighs in at 3,803 pounds.


The 2017 NSX is going to go on sale in the spring as 2017 model, but Acura has yet to announce the pricing. It’s estimated that the 2017 NSX will have a price tag around $170,000.

Source: Acura