2013 Nissan Leaf to Get Leather Seats and A More Efficient Heating System

Nissan is upgrading the Nissan Leaf EV for the 2013 model year with leather seats, a darker interior and a more efficient heating system.

Mark Perry, director of product and advanced planning for Nissan Americas stated that Nissan initially thought about offering leather seats as an option, but “we were like, ‘Ah, let’s do the clean, green recycled materials.” Nissan’s customers also reportedly want a dark interior than is currently offered on the Leaf, so that will show up as well.

It’s been reported that the Leaf’s driving range drops dramatically in cold weather when the heater is turned on. Nissan is fixing that with a more efficient heater that will extend the Leaf’s driving range during the cold winter months.

The upgraded 2013 Nissan Leaf is set to be unveiled this December.

Detroit News