2013 Infiniti JX Shows off its Rear

Infiniti has now released the fifth teaser photo of the 2013 JX Crossover. Today’s photo shows off the JX’s rear end. It looks like the JX will get a rear end that draws cues from the much larger QX, but manages to look much better than that supersized SUV.

The seven-passenger Infiniti JX crossover will officially debut at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Now that we’ve seen five teaser photos of the new crossover it probably won’t be much of a surprise at the event.

Infiniti_JX_Concept_Teaser_1_new.jpg Infiniti_JX_Crossover_Teaser2_new.jpg 2013_Infiniti_JX_Concept_new_fr3.jpg 2013_Infiniti_JX_Concept_Teaser_side.jpg