2013 Dodge Viper Coming in Late 2012 With Stability Control

Dodge engineers are hard at work on the next-gen 2013 Dodge Viper. The new Viper is currently being tested, using a 2010 chassis as the test subject. What are they testing here? Well for the first time ever the Dodge Viper is going to get stability control.

Dodge didn’t give any other details about the new Viper that will debut at the end of next year. It’s expected to put out somewhere between 600-700 horsepower, but it’s not yet known what engine will be under the hood.

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Next-Gen Dodge Viper Training For ‘Super Car Olympics’

April 15, 2011 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – The long, cold and snowy winter presented a perfect environment for the ultimate American-built sports car and icon of the Dodge brand’s performance car lineup to prepare for its imminent return. Using a 2010 chassis as a test subject, SRT engineers expanded the development scope for the next generation Dodge Viper to include stability control tuning for the first time. The development comes just in time for the next “Super Car Olympics,” sure to take place late in 2012 when the all-new performance icon returns.