2013 Cadillac XTS Has Room for Your Friends and Golf Clubs

You’ll be happy to know that Cadillac’s all-new 2013 XTS full size sedan is the perfect car to take you buddies to the golf course. Cadillac’s customers apparently like golfing, so Cadillac’s engineers set a a target to fit four adults and four golf bags without stretching the car’s modest footprint.

“We used computer simulations to model golf bags, as well as other common types of goods our customers are likely to transport,” said XTS chief engineer Sheri Hickok. “That also includes cases of bottled water, luggage, groceries and more. Just as we did with the rest of the XTS, we spent a lot of time maximizing every inch of storage space.”

The 2013 XTS offers almost 40 inches of rear legroom and 18 cubic feet of trunk space, more than the Audi A8L, BMW 7-series, and Mercedes-Benz S-class.

“Our owners want to comfortably take four adults out for a round of golf and dinner afterwards,” said Hickok. “The challenge was to give customers what they expect in terms of interior spaciousness, comfort and luxury, but to do so without compromising exterior looks and handling dynamics.”

The 2013 XTS is set to arrive in Cadillac dealerships this spring powered by a 300-hp 3.6L direct injection engine mated a six-speed automatic.