2012 Hyundai Veloster to Get 208-HP Turbocharged 1.6L

When Hyundai officially unveiled the 2012 Veloster earlier this year, it was confirmed that it would get an optional turbocharged engine. Although the thought of the Sonata’s turbocharged 274-HP engine being wedged under the hood of the Veloster would have been great, it will not be the case. Hyundai is instead going to use a turbocharged version of its new 1.6L.

The 1.6L will use a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection to generate 208 horsepower. The new turbocharged engine will be available in the Veloster next year. Expect more details from the New York Auto Show, this month.

2012_hyundai_veloster.jpg 2012_hyundai_veloster_3.jpg 2012_hyundai_veloster_4.jpg 2012_hyundai_veloster_int_2.jpg

Full Story: Hyundai Blog

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