2012 Hyundai Genesis Prada Unveiled

Hyundai is far from the budget brand that it was in the 1980’s. Today Hyundai has successfully entered the luxury market with models like the Genesis and Equus. To take the Genesis even further upmarket, Hyundai has unveiled the Genesis Prada edition for the Korean market.

Hyundai and Prada have teamed up to create the limited edition Genesis Prada. The Genesis Prada is based on the 2012 Genesis sedan and is powered by Hyundai’s Tau 5.0L V8. Hyundai and Prada worked over two years together on the model. According to Hyundai the project reflects Hyundai’s new marketing direction, “New Thinking. New Possibilities.”, which aims to provide customers with new experiences and values beyond their expectations. This matches the brand image of Prada, which also balances tradition and innovation.

The Genesis Prada comes in three colors, Black Nero, Blue Baltico and Brown Moro. Dark chrome is applied to the radiator grille, emblem and door handles to reflect the unique palladium-coated buckles on Prada’s bags. For the interior, the dashboard and the upholstery have also been revised and artisan-crafted in “saffiano” leather – Prada’s signature top quality leather.

Hyundai only plans on making 1,200 units for the Korean market, a limited number headed to Middle Eastern and Asian countries, including China.

hyundai_genesis_prada_2.jpg hyundai_genesis_prada_3.jpg hyundai_genesis_prada_4.jpg hyundai_genesis_prada_5.jpg