2012 Ford Focus Electric Starts at $39,200

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric has just shown up on Ford’s online configurator with a base price of $39,200 before any state or federal tax credits. The actual total starting price is $39,995 after the $795 destination fees, so after the maximum $7,500 federal tax credit the price for the Focus Electric is $32,495.

Since most buyers will likely cross shop the Focus Electric against the Nissan Leaf, the 2012 Nissan Leaf starts at $35,200.

Of course there are ways to make the Focus Electric cost you even more, like selecting White Platinum paint ($495) or leather trimmed seats ($995).

Ford is now taking reservations for the 2012 Focus Electric.

Today is an historic day, as Ford opens up the order banks for the company’s first full production, all-electric passenger vehicle – the Focus Electric,” said Chad D’Arcy, Focus Electric Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company. “The all-new Focus Electric is an important part of Ford’s overall strategy, bringing still another option to customers who want a car that is fun-to-drive, easy to own and fully electric.”