2011 Toyota Highlander Unveiled in Moscow

Toyota has unveiled the 2011 Highlander which is getting a midlife facelift. The 2011 Highlander gets a new face, which includes a new hood, fenders, grille and headlights. Out back there are new taillights and a revised bumper.

The Highlander pictured here is going to debut at this year’s Moscow Motor Show. Toyota has yet to confirm that these changes will also make it on the US version, but you can expect them to.

Stay tuned…

2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_2.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_3.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_4.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_5.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_6.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_7.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_8.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_10.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_11.jpg 2011_toyota_highlander_moscow_12.jpg