2011 Ford Mustang Pricing Leaked. 2011 Mustang Starts at $22,145, GT Starts at $29,645

Ford has announced the changes to the 2011 Mustang and Mustang GT, but has yet to release the pricing for the now more powerful pony car. Well The Mustang Source has posted a leaked PDF of the basic pricing for the new Mustang. If the PDF is correct the base 305-hp Mustang is going to start at $22,145 and the 412-hp Mustang GT will start at $29,645. The base Mustang convertible is going to start at $27,995, while the Mustang GT convertible will start at $34,645.

2011_ford_mustang_pricingguide.jpg 2011_ford_mustang_pricingguide_2.jpg

Full Story: The Mustang Source

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