2011 Ford Fiesta Starts at $13,320, Ford is Taking Orders Now

Ford officially unveiled the 2011 Ford Fiesta at the LA Auto Show yesterday and now all the pricing details have been posted on Ford’s website.

The 2011 Ford Fiesta starts at $13,320 and is available in four and five-door body styles. It’s powered by a 1.6L four-cylinder that gets up to 40 mpg on the highway.

Now the Fiesta is listed on Ford’s website you can build the Fiesta to your personal tastes. The cheapest Fiesta is the four-door sedan at $13,320. If you want the five-door hatchback it starts at $15,120. The hatchback equipped with Ford’s new dual-clutch automatic transmission starts at $16,190 and the SES model starts at $17,120. A fully loaded Fiesta will cost you over $20k.

If you decide to reserve your Fiesta before it goes on sale Ford will throw in no charge SYNC with navigation, premium sound and a VIP customer service experience.

2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_2.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_3.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_4.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_5.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_6.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_7.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_8.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_9.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_10.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_11.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_12.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_13.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_14.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_15.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_16.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_17.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_18.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_19.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_20.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_21.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_22.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_23.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_24.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_25.jpg 2011_ford_fiesta_us-spec_26.jpg

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