2011 Fiat 500 to Start at $15,500 in the U.S.

The online configurator for the 2011 Fiat 500 is up and reveals that the pricing for the US model starts at $15,500.

There are three versions of the Fiat 500:

-Fiat 500 Pop: $15,500
-Fiat 500 Sport: $17,500
-Fiat 500 Lounge $19,500

Playing around with the site and you’ll notice that it’s hard to get the price over $22,000. Definitely a good thing…

2011_fiat_500_sport_2.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_3.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_4.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_5.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_6.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_7.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_8.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_9.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_10.jpg 2011_fiat_500_sport_11.jpg 2011_fiat_500_12.jpg 2011_fiat_500_13.jpg

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