2011 Chevy Volt Unofficially Unveiled!

The first official photos of the 2011 Chevy Volt aren’t expected until next week to celebrate GM’s 100th anniversary, but thanks to The Car Connection we have some shots of the car now.

These photos show the production Volt posing with some of the GM execs and engineers that were in charge of the vehicle’s existance (Tony Posawatz, Bob Lutz, Bob Boniface, Frank Weber, and Andrew Farah.)

Stay tuned for more details next week.

2011_chevy_volt_unoffic2.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic3.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic4.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic5.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic6.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic7.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic8.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic9.jpg 2011_chevy_volt_unoffic10.jpg

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