2010 Volvo C70 Photos Hit the Internet Ahead of Frankfurt

Volvo is set to unveil a revised C70 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the first shots have been unveiled. Although Volvo has yet to release an official press release with the photos, we have our first look at the changes to the 2010 C70.

The changes to the new C70 are mainly on the exterior with new more swept back headlights, a larger grille and new taillights and rear bumper. The single interior shot doesn’t look much different than the current model.

Since Volvo has yet to release a press release it’s not known if there are any changes under the hood.

Stay tuned…

2010_volvo_c70.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_2.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_3.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_5.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_6.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_7.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_8.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_9.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_10.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_11.jpg 2010_volvo_c70_12.jpg

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