2010 Chevy Camaro Sales Guide Leaked…Here's More Info on the New Camaro!

Ok…so its been what about a week or two since we’ve had any new Camaro news. Well it looks like one dealer has already received the salesperson reference guide for the 2010 Camaro and of course here it is on the internet.

The nine page guide reveals even more information about the 2010 Camaro…the only thing missing is the pricing.


2010_camaro_sales_guide.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide2.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide3.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide4.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide5.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide6.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide7.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide8.jpg 2010_camaro_sales_guide9.jpg

Full Story: Carscoop

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