2010 BMW X1 to Get Rear-Wheel-Drive "sDrive" Version

BMW unveiled the concept version of the BMW X1 SUV at the Paris Motor Show last week. Many of us were not too positive about the overall styling of BMW’s newest SUV, which doesn’t really matter since the X1 will enter production next year.

Currently BMW’s two SUVs, the X3 and X5 are only available with all-wheel-drive, but BMW is reportedly thinking about offering a rear-wheel-drive version of the upcoming X1. BMW feels that the savings on weight and fuel economy gains with a RWD version will make the vehicle more appealing. BMW currently labels its AWD system “xDrive” if the X1 gets the RWD option BMW is going to introduce a new label, “sDrive” for the system.

A hybrid X1 is expected for 2011.

bmw_x1_concept_official2.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official3.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official4.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official5.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official6.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official7.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official8.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official9.jpg bmw_concept_x1_2.jpg bmw_concept_x1_3.jpg bmw_concept_x1_4.jpg bmw_concept_x1_5.jpg bmw_concept_x1_6.jpg

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