2010 Acura NSX Hits the Nurburgring and Posts a 7:37 Lap Time

A few days ago the resurrected 2010 Acura NSX was caught by spies on the famed Nurburgring in Germany. Now the car has been unofficially clocked doing a lap time of 7:37 by spies.

If you recall the Nissan GT-R officially did the lap in 7:29. Honda’s CEO has set a goal of beating the GT-R and upcoming Lexus LF-A when the NSX is finally released in 2010. It is rumored that the NSX is powered by a 550 horsepower V10 engine, so when the official lap times are released you can expect it to be very close to the GT-R or possibly even faster. Of course lets hope Honda is also setting the goal of beating the upcoming GT-R V-Spec.

2010_acura_nsx_nurburgring.jpg 2010_acura_nsx_nurburgring4.jpg 2010_acura_nsx_nurburgring5.jpg _2010_acura_nsx_nurburgring2.jpg

Full Story: CarTribe via eGMCarTech

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