2009 Volkswagen Tiguan will be Launched in 8 Months

VW has created a website that features animations, driving scenes and exclusive download features for their new SUV the Tiguan. At www.volkswagen.de/tiguan, users can see the development of the Tiguan from show car to production car. The website will continue to be updated with new information and features as actual reveal date approaches. In June, three months before the SUV is released a the Frankfurt Motor Show, the production model will be released to users of this site.

At that time users will be able to configure the SUV like they would like and they can take it on a virtual test drive, similar to the GTI minisite that was created before that car was released.

Apparently this elaborate website can be accessed in 50 countries, in their local language. The Tiguan Base can be reached via the country’s Volkswagen website. (I have yet to find it on vw.com). Users who register for the site will be entered for a chance to attend the world premiere of the Tiguan at the Frankfurt Motor Show.La_auto_show_008