2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Caught in a Parking Lot!

Ok, well not just any parking lot. The parking lot of Mitsubishi’s US headquarters. That’s right the upcoming 2009 Lancer Ralliart is apparently sitting in the parking lot and one of Mitsubishi’s loyal employees took a photo of it and here it is…all over the internet. Well either way..this is our first look at the car, sans camouflage.

Here are the details according to the guy who took the photo:

-230 – 240 turbocharged horsepower
-5-speed manual gearbox or Twin Clutch SST available
-Recaro front seats
-Gunmetal-finish Lancer GTS wheels
-GTS rear wing
-Nav system available

Judging by these stats I wonder if this car is going to cannibalize sales of the EVO X? If the Lancer Ralliart starts around $25K (rumored) and the EVO is close to $40k…wouldn’t you just save the extra $15k and deal with the decreased horsepower? Besides you could probably get a tuner to squeeze some extra power from the Ralliart.

Let’s hope that Mitsubishi is going to officially unveil the car at the Detroit Auto Show next week. Then we will have the final stats on the car. Stay tuned.

Full Story: Autoblog

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