2009 Jaguar XF Unveiled…Hopefully This Will Help Turn the Company Around!

Jaguar has revealed its new XF sedan ahead of its official unveiling at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The XF, which will launch early next year will replace the aged S-Type sedan and is very important for Jaguar.

The Jaguar XF draws its inspiration from the C-XF concept car. Jaguar hopes to go head to head with the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans with the new XF. Therefore designers worked hard to move away from the old and stogy image of the current S-Type.

Initially in the US there will be two engine choices, both engines will displace 4.2L but with 300hp and 420hp. The more powerful version is supercharged. An XF-R version is expected in about a year with somewhere around 500 horsepower.

In addition to the new sportier styling, Jaguar engineers also fitted the car with a plethora of tech gadgets. LED headlights, voice-activated control for many of the interior accessories, a new shift-by-wire transmission control, touch activated interior lights and glove box release, Blind Spot Monitor, and adaptive cruise control are among the many available features on the new XF.

One interesting and noteworthy feature is the JaguarDrive Selector that is borrowed from the concept version. It features a rotary shift interface that is unlike any other car currently on the market. The device is flush with the center console when the car is off, but once it is turned on it rises to the palm of the driver’s hand and can be rotated to select park, reverse, drive and sequential mode.

xf_01.jpg xf_02.jpg xf_04.jpg xf_05.jpg xf_06.jpg xf_07.jpg xf_08.jpg xf_09.jpg xf_10.jpg xf_11.jpg xf_12.jpg xf_23.jpg xf_24_eu_.jpg xf_25_eu_.jpg xf_28_eu_.jpg xf_29_uk_.jpg xf_31.jpg xf_33_na_uk_.jpg xf_36.jpg

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