2009 Honda Insight Euro-Spec Photos Leaked

Honda is going to officially unveil the 2009 Honda Insight at the Detroit Auto Show this month, but photos of the euro-spec Insight have already leaked onto the web.

The euro-spec and U.S.-spec versions of the Insight are not expected to differ much. What you can tell from these photos is how little the production version differs from the concept. The front-end remains largely the same sans the LED headlights. There are also more production friendly fog lamps and lower air intakes, which are slightly different than the U.S.-spec version. The side mirrors have been enlarged as well as the door handles. The C-pillar is also larger and the rear end gets a few minor tweaks.

We still have to wait to see what changes are in store for the interior.

Sales of the 2009 Insight will begin this spring with a starting price somewhere around $20,000.

2009_honda_insight_euro_2.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_3.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_4.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_5.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_6.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_7.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_8.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_9.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_10.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_11.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_12.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_13.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_14.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_15.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_16.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_17.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_18.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_19.jpg 2009_honda_insight_euro_20.jpg

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