2009 Honda Accord Diesel Will Achieve Over 60mpg

It has already been confirmed that Honda is going to replace its slow selling Accord Hybrid V6 with a new diesel powered Accord in 2009. The new engine will be based on Honda’s 2.2L i-CTDi engine. Honda claims that the new Accord Diesel will be able to achieve over 60 mpg.

A European Accord that was fitted with the 2.2L diesel was capable of achieving 62.8mpg.

That means that the US version of the car should achieve around 52 mpg.

The new engine will meet the new emissions standards in the US and will run as cleanly as regular gas engines. The diesel engine uses a catalytic converter that reduces the nitrogen oxide output by converting it to ammonia. The ammonia is then used to further neutralize the remaining NOx.

Full Story: Autocar

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