2009 Dodge Challenger Revealed Thanks to a Great Camera Phone

The upcoming 2008/2009 Dodge Challenger has been incredibly popular thanks to the camera phone. Even the great Brenda Priddy hasn’t managed to produce as many photos as all the guys running around with their camera phones. Now we have the first photos of the production version thanks to another guy who just happened to have his phone handy.

Last week Chrysler unveiled the all-new Dodge Challenger to dealers in Las Vegas. Although the automaker probably tried to ban all camera equipment from the event, someone must have forgot that many of our phones are equipped with handy little cameras. OntarioStreetCar.com has posted a few photos of the car that were taken with someone’s camera phone.

The car looks very close to the concept version and the only visible changes are the addition of the B pillar, a small lip spoiler on the SRT-8 and an extended rear bumper.

According to OntarioStreetCar.com the first Challengers will arrive in March as 2008 models. These first Challengers (5500 of them) will be all be 6.1L SRT8s equipped with automatic transmissions priced at $38,000. in July 2008 the MY09 Challengers will arrive with the 3.5L V6, a regular 5.7L HEMI and the 6.1L SRT-8. The 90′ Challengers with the HEMI engines will have an optional 6-speed manual.

The car will officially be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show this winter.

08challenger2.jpg 08challenger3.jpg 08challenger1.jpg

Full Story: OntarioStreetCar.com via Autoblog

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