2009 Chevy Traverse Spy Photos…Chevy's Version of the Acadia & Outlook CUVs

Brenda Priddy & Co. have taken some new shots of the upcoming Lamda-based Chevy CUV. GM currently has three CUVs based on this platform, the GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave and Saturn Outlook. It is up in the air if Chevrolet is going to stick with the Traverse name when the CUV debuts in 2009.

The front end of the CUV will draw cues from the all new Chevy Malibu.

Codenamed the GMT 561, the Chevy Traverse will be built at the old Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee starting in August 2008. It could debut early next year at the start of the auto show season.

I still think it is interesting that GM decided to release the Saturn, GMC and Buick versions of this vehicle before its largest brand Chevrolet. It will be interesting to see how GM fits the Traverse into its existing lineup. Is this badge engineering going to work? Will the Traverse steal sales from the existing Outlook, Enclave and Acadia?

Click the link below to see the full photos.

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