2009 Audi R8 TDI? Yes, That's Right a Diesel R8 May be in the Works

According to Car and Driver, there are sources that are claiming that Audi is working on a diesel version of its new supercar. Obviously the diesel version of the car isn’t going to be built for increased fuel-efficiency, but instead for the perfromance.

Diesel engines are known for their increased torque over there regular gas counterparts. A diesel R8 would have a significant amount of power and give Audi the bragging rights of being able to show off a high-performance diesel car.

Car and Driver is guessing that if the car is in the works, Audi will most likely install the 4.2L TDI V8 that is currently in the Q7 SUV. In its current form, the V8 puts out 326 horsepower and 561 lb.ft of torque.

Full Story: Car and Driver

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