2009 Acura RL Will Get a Major Makeover…Will it Help?

It’s no secret that the Acura’s flagship the RL has failed to capture an audience. Acura hopes to change that next summer by giving the slow-selling sedan a makeover.

According to Automotive News, Acura execs have given dealers some information about the new car although final specs and details were not. Dealers have complained about the RL’s styling, lack of rear legroom and the powertrain. A dealer in Pittsburgh told Automotive News that the car will receive “a major facelift in the front and back.”

In addition to the interior changes, dealers are also hoping that Acura does something with the V6 engine, such as adding an available V8.

Dan Bonawitz vice president of corporate planning and logistics for American Honda confirmed that the RL will receive some changes next summer and that the interior could be improved. He failed to mention if any of the powertrain complaints will be addressed.

Sales of the current RL are down 47.5% this year compared to the same period last year.

If Acura ever wants the RL to compete with Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz they are going to have to install a V8 engine and maybe even offer RWD on the RL.

The 2009 model year should be a big year for Acura with the RL, TL and TSX sedans all getting redesigns.

Full Story: Motor Authority

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