2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X…Almost Revealed

Mitsubishi has released the first images of a near-production Lancer Evolution X. The pictures are labeled as a “design study”, but the car that we will see this fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show will look pretty close to this version.

Mitsubishi displayed the Prototype X at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year that was meant to give a glimpse of what the new car will look like. This new version has some differences compared to the concept version. The car has a new grille, foglights, mirrors, more detailed taillights, slightly modified headlights and different wheels. Other than that this version of the Lancer Evolution X remains very close to the concept version. This is not the final production version of the car, so the company could still make some modifications before it is released. We are still waiting for pics of the interior and the final engine specs.

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